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Our hospital is a success story!

Over the last 10 years, revenues have doubled

In the past year, outpatient revenues have increased by over $1 million

Over the last 7 years the trend has been towards outpatient care

Our Hospital needs room to grow to continue its success

More beds in the Emergency Room, Day-surgery recovery, and Private patient rooms

More parking, a helipad, and room for a future on-site clinic

Bigger Labor & Delivery rooms, Bigger operating rooms

The cost to voters is moderate

$10 extra a month for the average homeowner

On par with the support we all give the Library

Renters will see no change to their taxes.

The plan to pay for the hospital is sound

Federal reimbursements and levy support pay for 93% of new building

Remaining 7% of new building comfortably paid by revenues

Hospital will have stable debt ratios in all future scenarios

April 25th is the day


The hospital levy vote on April 25th will determine the future of health care in our valley

A “Yes Vote” to support a New Hospital Now will maintain, improve and expand services and keep health care local

A “No Vote” supports the continued use of our current hospital possibly with a reduction in the level of service using the “Stabalize and Ship” model

This model offers fewer services and will outsource much of our health care to Wenatchee and beyond

Vote “YES” to continue our Hospital’s success story

We need a new hospital now! – It’s a wise investment! – We can’t afford to wait!

Get the true facts

Don’t believe the faulty logic of the opponents to the hospital.  Read these point-by-point responses to their mis-information

Vote “YES” to continue our Hospital’s success story

We need a new hospital now! – It’s a wise investment! – We can’t afford to wait!


“With the aging of the Chelan Valley population, a healthcare facility incorporating the latest ideas and the most up to date features is vital to meet our changing demographics”

Kathi FedorChelan, WA

“Heard you’re hoping to build a new hospital. You need it! During a visit last summer a friend had to go to the ER. The docs were great….the hospital itself, really old school.” 

Doug OWenatchee, WA

“Quality healthcare services are vital for our valley. A new hospital is a critical piece of that continuum. Having modern facilities that can grow with our future is imperative.”

Rich WatsonManson WA

 “I believe a new hospital in Chelan is way overdue. To attract young families and retirees, plus qualified health care personnel, a new improved hospital is a must”.

Sally Campbell-NelsonChelan, WA

 “I have spent time in our hospital, the care and people are great, but the facility needs to be replaced. The long-term viability of our community depends on the quality and availability of good healthcare”.

Bob MyersManson, WA

“Having had the opportunity to personally compare LCCH to Swedish Hospital in Seattle I can attest to the fact that patient care at LCCH is equal to one of the best hospitals in Seattle.  The difference is in the physical facilities not in the care provided”.

Lester CooperChelan, WA

Our hospital’s sole purpose is to provide quality care to all.  A new facility will enable us to provide this care with improved patient privacy, efficiency, and work flow.”

Dr. Ty Witt, MDGynecology

“Surgical technology has advanced tremendously in the past 50 years. The hospital has updated its equipment to the newest technology, but now we have barely enough room to maneuver in the operating rooms. We need new, larger operating rooms.”

Tabetha Bradley, MD General Surgery

To best take care of our aging population, bring new life into the world, operate to repair wounds and injuries, and be a house of healing – we MUST have a new facility to optimize our ability to meet your needs.”

Megan Guffey, MD, MPHFamily Medicine

A wise investment

Our new hospital will provide the quality patient services our valley has enjoyed for decades: a place to welcome new babies, a place to receive quality emergency care, a place to undergo vital surgeries and recuperate in comfort.

It’s is a wise investment.  Click on each of the 4 Pillars to explain why:


Our current space is too small to meet our community’s health care needs.  We are bursting at the seams!


Building a new hospital will cost $12 million less than remodeling the existing building.


We have a sound plan to pay for the new hospital.  The hospital can afford to pay the debt.


Staying in the existing building will require investing millions with no long term benefit.

Your vote on April 25th is critical to our community’s vision of health care.   Please attend a community meeting.  Hear the stories and get the facts.  The time has come for our valley to rally in support for a new hospital.  We can’t afford to wait!

Response to “Hospital Fact Sheet” in Circulation from Anonymous Authors

Opponents to the hospital levy have created a “Hospital Fact Sheet”.  Unfortunately, it is full of inaccuracies, speculations, and misrepresentations.  The author(s) are unwilling to sign their name(s) to this document, so it is impossible to contact them to set the record straight.  A set of responses has been created so you as a voter can be informed before you cast your vote on April 25th.  Please read the response sheet as you gain education about the hospital levy. Thank you for becoming informed on this critical issue!

Upcoming Events

March 30, 2017 – A public forum moderated by Mr. Bovington, Chelan High School english teacher, will be held at the Chelan High School PAC.  Please plan on attending.  Questions from the public will be answered by both those for and  those against building a new hospital for the Lake Chelan Hospital District.

April 8, 2017 – Get Out The Vote Rally. Citizens for a New Hospital will hold a rally in both Chelan and Manson.  The rally in Chelan will be at 10am and 3pm in Manson.

April 15, 2017 – Earth Day in Chelan. Citizens for a New Hospital will how both at Earth Day please come by and learn what is planned for our community with the advent of a new hospital.

What is the cost to your family?

Enter your home or property tax assessed value (numbers only, don’t add $ or commas).  Hit the “Tab” key or Click in the “Your Monthly Cost” box to see your estimated cost per month for the new hospital.  We think you will agree that is a small price to pay for a modern 21st century hospital.

Enter property tax assesed value:
Your Family's Monthly Cost:

Tobe Harberd, LCCH Family Physician

We are limited by the infrastructure we practice in. The facility was designed in the 1960’s.

What’s the Cost for Your Family?

If you own a home with an assessed valued at $300,000 you will pay less than $10 per month — and that’s for your whole family.  A home worth twice that would be less than $20 per month.  It’s a small price to pay for a facility that will serve us for generations to come! Here’s a quick summary.

$ 150,000

$ 4.75 per month.

$ 200,000

$ 6.33 per month.

$ 300,000

$ 9.5 per month.

$ 400,000

$ 12.67 per month.

$ 600,000

$ 19 per month.