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Jay Weatherby w/Dr. Megan Guffey – Can we really afford the new hospital?

Dr, Megan Guffey MD is a Family Practice doctor here in Chelan and Kelly Ardino of the Accounting firm Wifly in discussion with Jay Weatherby KOZI answering the question: “Can we really afford a new hospital”?  If you want to know your cost you can calculate it for yourself at .  The 100% cost of the new hospital will be included in the cost of running the hospital and therefore reimbursable under the Medicare reimbursable program.  The reality is that the Government will pay for a significant part of the new hospital.

Kevin Abel, Barry Leah and Joe Kunkel in Conversation on 2nd Cup 24 February 2017

Kevin Abel, LCCH CEO, Barry Leah and Joe Kunkel in conversation with Jay Witherbee on KOZI 2nd Cup, February 24, 2017.

Dr. Witt on KOZI with Jay Witherbee

Dr. Ty Witt is talking with Jay Witherbee on KOZI about the history of the hospital and the fact that the hospital is “Bursting at the Seams”.   Dr. Witt addresses the impact of visitors on hospital services, efficiency, the impact of technology, access to the hospital, and changes in healthcare to an out-patient strategy from a in-patient strategy.

Listen to Dr. Witt and increase your understanding.