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“With the aging of the Chelan Valley population, a healthcare facility incorporating the latest ideas and the most up to date features is vital to meet our changing demographics”

Kathi FedorChelan, WA

“Heard you’re hoping to build a new hospital. You need it! During a visit last summer a friend had to go to the ER. The docs were great….the hospital itself, really old school.” 

Doug OWenatchee, WA

“Quality healthcare services are vital for our valley. A new hospital is a critical piece of that continuum. Having modern facilities that can grow with our future is imperative.”

Rich WatsonManson WA

 “I believe a new hospital in Chelan is way overdue. To attract young families and retirees, plus qualified health care personnel, a new improved hospital is a must”.

Sally Campbell-NelsonChelan, WA

 “I have spent time in our hospital, the care and people are great, but the facility needs to be replaced. The long-term viability of our community depends on the quality and availability of good healthcare”.

Bob MyersManson, WA

“Having had the opportunity to personally compare LCCH to Swedish Hospital in Seattle I can attest to the fact that patient care at LCCH is equal to one of the best hospitals in Seattle.  The difference is in the physical facilities not in the care provided”.

Lester CooperChelan, WA

Why Now?

We really can’t afford to wait.  Once the bond passes, we’ll still be dependent on our current hospital during the 3-year construction period.

Here are a few other reasons:

  • our current hospital building is on life support
  • bursting at the seams
  • maxed out in terms of capacity much of the year
  • plumbing and HVAC in constant need of repair
  • electrical systems can’t handle additional or upgraded equipment
  • we and our families need a local hospital that is accessible, viable and sustainable
  • our population is on the rise (projected to grow 4.5% by 2021) which will impact demand for hospital services.
  • increasing numbers of seasonal visitors also impacts demand for hospital services
  • construction costs are escalating.
  • estimated cost has increased $12 million in just 2 years